Susan "Sue" Collini is Charlie Runkle's boss at the Collini Talent Agency for the majority of season 3. She is a very confident and self-assured woman who knows what she wants from life. As it turns out, what she wants at the moment is Charlie Runkle. Sue is also very straightforward in her actions and is not afraid to share her throughts and desires-this includes when she is feeling especially wet and horny for sex, which happens quite often. Charlie often finds himself intimidated and overwhelmed by Sue's actions and exclamations, which are basically blatant sexual harrassement. Examples include when Charlie secures a high profile client for Sue's agency, and /or displays his assertiveness in another fashion. Sue will then proceed to forcibly take Runkle into her arms, and make him insert his finger into her vagina, or press his face into her bosom. Sue will not take "no" for an answer, and at times Runkle will give in to her advances. In fact, one of her most famous sayings is that she wants Runkle's "tubesteak", and most famously, "Sue Collini always gets the weenie". Indeed, Sue could be characterized as an over-enthusiastic nymphomaniac, despite her middle age. Sue Collini is married to a paraplegic sexually deviant man who insists that his guests "call me Dicky", played by actor Stephen Root. "Dicky" as he likes to be called, is described by Sue herself as being, (perhaps because of his condition) a "master of the oral arts". Sue and Dickay have stated that they are in an open relationship, which explains Sue aggressively pursuing Runkle and "Dicky" encouraging this behavior. Collini also has a habit of motivating Charlie when he has moments of self-doubt, by utilizing the "tough-love" technique. Another quirk that sue displays is that whenever she exits a room, she will declare her exit with the statement, "Collini, out". She is last seen in the season 3 episode "Mia Culpa" after firing Runkle for losing Rick Springfield, although she still offers to be his sexual partner, to which he declines.

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