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Eddie Nero
Natascha McElhone
Mia Cross
Californication (show)
Lew Ashby
God Hates Us All
A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bill Cross
Sue Collini
Richard "Dickaay" Collini
David Duchovny
Season Three
Charlie Runkle
Season Four
Wish You Were Here
The Land of Rape and Honey
Verities & Balderdash
Slow Happy Boys
Glass Houses
So Here's the Thing...
The Apartment
My Bad Example
Marcy Runkle
Rebecca Moody
Mia Culpa
Turn The Page
Season One
Season Two
Episode Guide
Hell-A Woman
The Whore of Babylon
Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Girls, Interrupted
California Son
The Devil's Threesome
The Last Waltz
Karen van der Beek
Slip of the Tongue
The Great Ashby
No Way To Treat A Lady
Vaginatown (episode)
Coke Dick & First Kick
In a Lonely Place
Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills
La Ronde
Blues From Laurel Canyon
La Petite Mort
Hank Moody
Comings & Goings
Exile on Main St.
Chloe Metz
Stuart Runkle
Perverts & Whores
The Party
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Atticus Fetch
Rick Rath
Season 7
Stu Beggs
Samurai Apocalypse
The Unforgiven
Santa Monica Cop
Tyler Stevens
Fucking and Punching (film)
Like Father Like Son
30 Minutes or Less
Season Seven
The Dope Show
Everybody's a Fucking Critic
I'll Lay My Monsters Down
At the Movies
Here I Go Again
Suicide Solution
Sasha Bingham
Home Sweet Home
Monkey Business
Lawyers, Guns and Money
The Recused
Lights. Camera. Asshole
Another Perfect Day
The Trial
The Last Supper
...And Justice for All
Madeline Zima
Callum Keith Rennie
Love Song
Pamela Adlon
Season Five
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