So Here's the Thing...
Season 3x07
Episode no. 31
Written by Daisy Gardner
Directed by John Dahl
Guest stars
Original airdate: November 8, 2009
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"Glass Houses" "The Apartment"

"So Here's the Thing..." is the seventh episode of Season Three of Californication.


Hank's attempts to set things right with Karen lead to even deeper entanglements with the campus ladies. In the meantime, Charlie tries to prevent Sue's top client from leaving the agency and Becca scolds Hank for being a terrible role model for her.

Cast and Crew[]

Main Cast[]

David Duchovny - Hank Moody
Natascha McElhone - Karen van der Beek
Madeleine Martin - Rebecca Moody
Evan Handler - Charlie Runkle
Pamela Adlon - Marcy Runkle
Madeline Zima - Mia Lewis
Carla Gallo - Daisy

Supporting Cast[]


Directed By:
John Dahl

Written By:
Daisy Gardner

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