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Sasha Bingham is an actress, who is introduced the first episode of the fourth season. Hank meets her at UTK, and in a meeting she declares that she wants to play Mia in Fucking & Punching, but that the script has to be rewritten by Hank. In the very same meeting she also states that "I don't give a fuck about the nudity, I have great tits". In the evening, Hank is invited up to Sasha's hotel room, to work on the script. Instead Sasha seduces him, and they recreate the fucking and punching. After this, they have sex on a regular basis for a while, Sasha for example pays him for being at set to fuck her in the breaks. Their sexual relationship ends after he, not knowingly, fucks Sasha's mother. Sasha walks in shortly after they're done, and they both get very mad at Hank when they find out that he had fucked both of them.

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