Rebecca Moody
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1995
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance La Petite Mort
Occupation Student
Number of episodes 24
Relatives Hank (father)
Karen (mother)
Al (grandfather)
Portrayed by Madeleine Martin

Rebecca "Becca" Moody is the gothic teenage daughter of Hank Moody and Karen van der Beek. She is very intelligent and musically inclined for her age, as well as precocious.


As she is in her early teens, and the product of a non-traditional family life, Becca is very emotional and at times clinically depressed. She displays a very melancholic and somber attitiude, although this can be attributed somewhat to normal teenage angst/rebellion. Occasionally her dialogue with Hank offers a glimpse at her high intellect and ability to understand the events happening around her in spite of her age.


She is in a band, and is savvy enough to call out her father for his indiscretions. Becca generally acts as Hank's conscience throughout the run of the show, and she is arguably the most affected by his reckless behavior. On the whole, her character adds a little dark, heart-breaking side to the seemingly all-fun fuck-around of the adults and gives the show much greater depth.

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