File:New Rex forted.png

Rex Forte

File:Small Shinobi.png

Small Shinobi


Give Us the Omegamatrixx Or be Annialated

Rex was sitting laid back against a lounge chair by his pool his Omegamatrixx was not visible.While playing with a Galvan Puzzle

(Rex)*sigh*I haven't had a bounty in weeks and I nearly flat broke....

There is a wooshing in the air as An army of Sentinels Land in his yard.

(Sentinel)Mutant hand over the device on your wrist or be annialated!

(Rex)*looks at his Omegamatrixx then Gets up*I'm not a mutant and no you can't have it But how about I intrest you in something else like this Rock?


(Rex)*holds his hand together*Here.

The Sentinel Looks Down

(Sentinel)Give it to us or be annialated!


Rex then goes Small Shinobi.He then jumps past each sentinel with his swords out slashing and firing Tadinite Ninja Stars,as they shoot him, the third on manages to fire a mouthbeam at him and He falls on the ground.

(Sentinels)Surrender Or be Annialated.

All the sentinels then begin charging all of their weapons at his head

He puts his swords into their sheiths slowly while they do this


He puts them in the sheiths,Cutting a huge gash through all of the sentinels


The Sentinels All Explode at once

(Rex)*walking away*That was....eventful....but now i'm bored.

(Scans)The Sentinels

(Omegamatrixx)Sentinel Transformation Has Now Been Aquired

(Rex)Maybe I'll try it later

five hours later he is sitting on a sentinels head while eating Chili Fries and Drinking Margarita

(Rex)I wondered who sent these sentinels I'm not technically a mutant..

                     TO BE CONTINUED......