Monkey Business
Season 4x04
Episode no. 40
Written by Gabe Roth & Matt Patterson
Directed by Bart Freundlich
Guest stars
Original airdate: January 30, 2011
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"Home Sweet Home" "Freeze-Frame"

"Monkey Business" is the fourth episode of Season Four of Californication.

Plot Edit

Hank, Runkle and the rest of the guys from the film-project group have dinner with an important investor. Afterwards when they go to the investor's house, things get complicated when Runkle accidentally kills the investor's pet monkey. The investor dies from an erotic act.

Cast and Crew Edit

Main Cast Edit

David Duchovny - Hank Moody
Natascha McElhone - Karen van der Beek
Madeleine Martin - Rebecca Moody
Evan Handler - Charlie Runkle
Pamela Adlon - Marcy Runkle
Madeline Zima - Mia Lewis
Carla Gallo - Daisy

Supporting Cast Edit

Crew Edit

Directed By:
Bart Freundlich

Written By:
Gabe Roth & Matt Patterson

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