Mia Lewis
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance ...And Justice For All
Occupation Student
Number of episodes 17
Relatives Bill Lewis (father)
Portrayed by Madeline Zima

Mia Lewis (pen name Mia Cross) is the teenage daughter of Bill Lewis, and had sex with Hank Moody in the Pilot.

Hank subsequently overcame his writer's block after this, and wrote the treatment for a novel; which Mia then stole, adapted, and published as her own work entitled Fucking and Punching.

For her part, Mia seems to enjoy holding a bit of power over Hank, namely the fact that she can let Karen know about the one-night stand at any time. Mia is generally very aggressive sexually, and is used to getting what she wants. Despite this, she is still a minor (16 in the pilot), and knows that targeting older men is wrong.

Additionally, Mia has displayed that she is very manipulative, especially when she can blackmail others to her benefit; her situation with Hank being the most prominent example.

Aside from the aformentioned negative traits, Mia does have some redeeming qualities. She seems to genuinely care for Becca as an older sister figure, and tends to think of Karen as a mother figure as well to an extent.

However, Mia cares predominantly for herself for the most part, and gets "her" book published at all costs, ignoring any potential consequences for her actions. Hank found himself revisiting this uncomfortable mistake in a later season, when he ultimately stood trial for his encounter with Mia in the pilot.