Marcy Runkle
Gender Female
Date of Birth c. 1967

number= 19

First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance La Petite Mort
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Relatives Charlie Runkle (ex-husband)

Stuart Runkle (son)

Portrayed by Pamela Adlon
...those boobies, and that tiny vaginy..I miss them Hank..

Marcy Runkle is the wife of Charlie Runkle, having now re-married Charlie after divorcing her second husband Stu Beggs. She is the best friend of Karen, and is seen as an aunt to her daughter Becca.


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Charlie Runkle

Stuart Runkle

Stu Beggs

Marcy was married to Stu for over two years after divorcing Charlie, and lived with him as his home. Marcy would later admit that she only enjoyed their marriage rather than having any sort of romance with him, and the sex was a big part of that enjoyment.

Marcy divorced Stu after learning that he had cheated on her



Hank Moody

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