Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Season 5x12
Episode no. 60
Written by Tom Kapinos
Directed by Adam Bernstein
Guest stars
Original airdate: April 1, 2012
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"The Party" "The Unforgiven"

    "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" is the twelfth and final episode of season five of Californication.


    As he sleeps in his car outside of Karen's house, Hank has a nightmare starring his late friend Lew Ashby as a bartender in hell. When he wakes up and enters the house, Bates announces that he has decided to leave Karen; this offers the possibility of Hank and Karen reuniting and starting a new life in their former home. Hank meets Becca during her work break and she announces that Tyler has proposed to her. On the set of Santa Monica Cop, Sam's jealousy and fondness for firearms give Charlie an opportunity to show how much he loves his best friend and number-one client; Carrie (Natalie Zea), the New York ex-girlfriend, returns and offers Hank a drink. He drinks it and Carrie reveals it's laced with prescription anti-depressants. As they succumb to the drugs she remarks on how their bodies will be discovered together, and pleads with Hank to tell her he loves her. As Hank seems to lose consciousness he has a vision of Karen, to whom he says ‘I love you’, and the screen goes black. 


David Duchovny - Hank Moody

Natascha McElhone - Karen van der Beek

Madeleine Martin - Rebecca Moody

Evan Handler - Charlie Runkle
Pamela Adlon - Marcy Runkle

Meagan Good - Kali

RZA - Samurai Apocalypse

Natalie Zae - Carrie