Hank Moody
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance La Petite Mort
Occupation Writer
Number of episodes 24
Relatives Al (father)
Becca (daughter)
Portrayed by David Duchovny

Hank Moody is a writer from New York City, who resides in Los Angeles. He has a daughter, Becca, with ex-lover, Karen with whom he carries an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the duration of the series. He has written several novels, such as South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, and most notably, God Hates Us All, which was adapted into a movie called, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which admittedly Hank hated, because the Hollywood suits changed the script so much it barely resembled the original book. Although in his early forties, Hank seems to think of himself as, and act like, a man in his twenties. Profits from his books have enabled him to live a relatively comfortable and carefree lifestyle, one of the reasons for his arrested development in certain areas. Despite this, Hank still loves and cares deeply for his teenage daughter Becca, and on-again off-again love interest Karen ( Becca's mother). Still, Hank tends to find himself in trouble more often than not, with his daughter in school, and an abundance of time on his hands. One of Hank's major character flaws (and source of drama on the show), is his tendency to effortlessly attract women to him, and cheat on Karen. Being a successful writer, many women feel that they are already connected to Hank through his works, making it that much easier for Hank to respond to their flirtations. With Karen often out of town for her work, Hank tends to give in to these women more often than not, although sometimes he will try to restrain himself. A major effect of his promiscuity is that his daughter is often around to witness it, thus making things between Becca and Hank even more difficult. Despite this, Hank is still motivated by and dedicated to (in a way) his relationship with Karen.

Another major source of trouble for Hank is hanging out with his friends. Whether it's music producer Lew Ashby and a drug-fueled all night sex party, or his best friend/agent Charlie Runkle; trouble is never far from the men. Hank and Charlie always seem to have a great time together, yet at the end of the night/morning, they know that it's been a wild ride. Examples include double-teaming a stripper, stealing from a bookstore, and getting tattoos while not remembering the previous night.

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