Charlie Runkle
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance La Petite Mort
Occupation Talent Agent (former)

Car Salesman

Number of episodes 24
Relatives Marcy Runkle (wife (separated))
Portrayed by Evan Handler

Charlie (Chuck) Runkle is a former Hollywood talent agent, most notably of Hank Moody. He was fired when a tape of him masturbating at work was exposed to his boss by his former secretary Dani. He has no hair. Blessed with an entertaining balance of wide eyed loseristic faults and having-a-clean-conscience confidence, Charlie always seems to come out on top despite a target often being painted on his bald head...

A natural born seller from an early age. Sold BMW's in the Valley at the age of 21 a job he has to return to when he loses his Job as an agent.

Charlie's latest pet project is pitching his wife's television show (about the hectic lifestyle of being a waxer to the stars). In an awkward twist, Charlie is forced to share his ex-wife's affection with Stu Beggs--an erratic Hollywood producer who has become infatuated with Marcy and is helping to create her series.

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