Bill Lewis is the fiance of Hank's estranged lover Karen Van der Beek, and owner of the magazine Hell-A, which hired Hank in the first season to write a blog.

His personality is very uptight and overly careful, which makes him the polar opposite of Hank Moody. He is usually very interested in his work, to the point that he doesn't really pay much attention to his daughter Mia, and thinks of her as a perfect child who can do no wrong.

It is implied through certain dialogue that Bill may be impotent as well. Furthermore, he was the fiance of Karen, but she left him after the wedding.

His name came up in season three when Karen came back from new York for Christmas.

He is the main antagonist of season 1, the unseen antagonist of season 2, the overarching antagonist of season 3 and a minor antagonist of season 4.

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