Atticus Fetch
Gender Male
Date of Birth 60's-70's
First Appearance "The Unforgiven"
Last Appearance "I'll Lay My Monsters Down"
Occupation Musician
Number of episodes 9
Relatives Unknown
Portrayed by Tim Minchin

Atticus "Ollie" Fetch is a rock musician that Hank Moody was writing a musical for. He is addicted to cocaine. He is also Montanna’s husband.


Atticus is the perfect example of a man who got too much too soon. He is a mentally stunted, naive manchild that is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it and gets furious if he doesn't get it right away. When he made Charlie his manager, he would often take his anger out on him. Much like Lew Ashby and Rick Springfield, Atticus is a chauvinist that sees women as his own personal playthings.

Atticus is also a desperate coke addict. He gets extremely agitated from cocaine withdrawal and takes it out on others, almost breaking his friend Tony's Martin acoustic and would have unless Faith didn't stop him.

Despite his flaws, Atticus is ironically enough a romantic. He believes that love is the ultimate force that keeps the world going and is willing to let Hank pursue his dreams with Karen instead of joining him on tour.